Tuesday, December 6, 2011

More Fun Bedroom Finds

I found this sign at a resale store for $15.00.  I debated about  getting it...because I wasn't sure Brady would like it.  He's kind of funny about things that look worn down or beaten up.  I thought it might look fun on one area of his wall that was in need of a little something.   I'm so glad I decided to get it.  I love how it looks in his room.

Eric and I found this nightstand at Goodwill for $6.97.  We were looking for a nightstand...but it's wasn't really the style we were looking for.  But, it was too good of a deal to pass up, so we decided to buy it and see how it looked in the room.  Once we cleaned it up and put it in the room, we knew it was meant to be!  It matches his dresser perfectly and also the wood trim in the room.  It's the perfect height too!  We changed the handle on it with
something we already had out in the garage...added a basket, and there you have it! 

I cannot wait to show you!  I'm waiting for a little something I ordered from Etsy to come in the mail...and then I will be ready to take pictures.  Brady did not want to see his run until it was totally finished.  But,  Saturday evening we really wanted to get his bed set up so we could center the pictures on the wall behind it.  When we had it all set up, we took Brady in to see his new room. 
I was really nervous...hoping that he wasn't expecting something greater than it actually was.  He LOVED it!!  He has spent so much time the last few days in his room and he can't stop talking about it.

Stay tuned!


Cherie said...

Great finds Kerri! I would love to find a traffic or speed limit sign to put in one of my boys rooms - I think it give just the right look to alot of boys decor!
The nightstand is soooo Great!!
Good job.

Genn said...

What great finds!
How exciting for Brady. I'm glad he loves his new room! I can't wait to see the big reveal!!

Stef said...

I think I need to start going to Goodwill. Although, I am horrible at shopping at places like that. I just don't have an eye for those things. What a great deal though. Even I couldn't go wrong for $6.
Can't wait to see the finished product!

sloan said...

all these teasers are killing me, kerri - can't wait for the big reveal ... sounds amazing!! best of all, I'm so glad that BRADY thinks it's great - wahoooo ;-)

Holly said...

I am so ANXIOUS to see it too!! I can't wait!!!!!

Steelers6 said...

Can't wait! Glad he likes it! Whew! I thought the nightstand was cute..anxious to see how it looks in the room.

Ho ho ho


Kris said...

I cna't wait to see it! Love the sign!

Karen said...

That sign is really cool. Can I admit that I chuckled a little when you said that Brady is funny about things that look worn down? Oh my goodness, my boys seem to make it their life's mission to make sure that everything in my house IS worn down and beaten up! :)

Anyway, you can tell him that worn look is called patina and it gives things character. (I like to tell myself that my house has a LOT of character).

Looking forward to the reveal.

Kim said...

That sign rocks! I love old signs. My neighbors have the coolest wooden, handpainted "NO Swimming" or "NO lifeguard on duty" sign in their house. I covet that thing so badly! It's huge and worn. I swear I think they stole it off the beach late at night one night though. hehe...

Can't wait to see the new room! I've been wanting to redo the ballerinas' rooms and LB is hot to trot to do it now. But she wants it all bright and jazzed out. I want it subdued and vintage beachy. Kind of a clash of opinions over here.

Jenny said...

I love old signs, I think most people do. I think it is very appropriate considering he just learned how to race on his bike not too long ago....

Great find on the nightstand. I love a good Goodwill find.

I am dying to see the pictures. Please don't keep us in suspense!!!

Nicolle said...

What an amazing deal on that little table/dresser. I love it. I am sure Brady is loving his new room. He has such a cool, creative mom. :)

Cindy said...

You are killing me girlfriend!!!!:)
I really want to find something at Goodwill and fix it up!
have a happy night kerri
and seriously we better see somethin before monday!!!

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