Monday, December 5, 2011

O'er The Fields We Go...Laughing All The Way!

We went to get our Christmas tree on Sunday.
We went to the same place we went to last year.

It's such a cute place.  You can take a little train out to where
the trees are and get dropped off.

No hats or gloves was sunny and 55 degrees!
I can't ever remember going to get a tree before when it wasn't freezing!

We searched and searched for a tree...but couldn't fine one.
Most of the trees were pretty dry looking and either to big or
Brady was ready to cut down any old tree...he didn't care he just
wanted one.  I think it was more about using that darn saw.

After looking around and getting some hot chocolate, we decided
to see if we could find another place that had better trees.

We found a place not too far from where we were that sold trees
that were already cut.  We ended up getting one there...and I have
to say, that it might be one of my favorite trees ever!  It's tall
and thin and has such a pretty almost doesn't look real!

This was pretty funny- if you sang a Christmas song, you got $4.00
off the cost of your tree.  So, we told Brady he needed to sing Jingle
Bells with us.  He refused....but Eric and I sang the entire song as loud as we could!  Four bucks is four bucks!

I know every year after Christmas when we are taking our tree
to the curb I always say we should get an artificial one.
However, going to pick out our Christmas tree has always been one
of my favorite days of the year!


Nicolle said...

That would be a ton of fun. You are definitely making more memories regarding the tree, than us. We just climb up in the attic, and heave down the heavy box. :)

LOVE the pictures. In the first one, Brady looks so much like you, and he is looking so much older. I love the picture of you and Brady, and your purple scarf is gorgeous. Great pics of Eric too. Love this post!

Nicolle said...

ps. ha. I would have sung the song, even for just $1 off!

Muffy's Marks said...

Fun!! At least you didn't have a tin cup while you were standing there singing. What a memorable time. I can't wait for you to post the decorated tree.

Cherie said...

Kerri I just had to savor your trip to get your Christmas tree! What a beautiful day to go tromping about in the trees.

This was my families tradition the whole time I was growing up and then it was our own families tradition until about 5 years ago when there just was no where left to get a good Christmas tree around here. So sadly we went to artificial - something I swore I would never in a million year do! It does have it's perks - it's fast and easy and prelit BUT it doesn't have that smell and you don't get to go tromping around looking for the perfect tree.

Keep it going as long as you can!!

I LOVE that they had you sing a Christmas song for 4 bucks off - Good job you guys!!

yaya said...

Fun day! We always had a real tree, but one of our Grandkiddos is very allergic so we have an artificial one. Since our property is surrounded by beautiful pine trees, I can run out and smell that wonderful smell any time! Plus I can cut greenery and use it when Cameron isn't there. Saving 4 bucks is great, but when Brady is a teenager, singing loud and strong will embarrass him...and I say do it!

sloan said...

we've never once traveled anywhere to cut down our own tree, so sad!! sounds like you've found yourself a winner, even though you didn't cut it down yourselves - can't wait to see it all trimmed and pretty!

Susan said...

Awww.... so fun! I know it would be so much better environmentally and monetarily to get an artificial one, but gosh do I love a real tree! And family traditions are what we are making and our kids will look back and love them! And 4 buck is totally 4 bucks! That's lunch!

Genn said...

What a NEAT place!!! I wish we had places like that to get your tree around here!! We walked into Sam's Club, picked the tree, and walked out. Done. Boring!
I would have sung the song too. Great pictures. You looked so pretty. You guys are such a cute family.
Happy night to ya Keri. :)

Kerri @OhMann! said...

Easy $4! Should have made B sing first, saw 2nd - ha ha

Did you make that scarf??? LOVE

Kris said...

What fun! We used to do that too. But with the building that has taken place here in our area, the old groves of trees are all gone now. There are a few cut your own places, but we have switched to an artificial tree. My son, almost 23, came in tonight from work and had a fit! He said we MUST get a real tree! I said....move into your own home, and get whatever kind you want!!! Love the pics of you guys. You are adorable in your ruffled scarf!!!
I would have been singing too!!!

Stef said...

That looks like a great tree! I love the smell of new trees. But when we lived in Phoenix we just bought one because we were paying too much for crappy trees and were too far to get a real one. Now that we live closer, we may just get a second one...a real one.

Jill said...

Looks like a great day! Love the family pictures they turned out really good! Now just waiting to see the finished tree! :-) Have a great week!


Megan said...

I am team real-tree all the way! I love this and have always wanted to go to a tree farm. Not sure if they exist in Texas though. And you are looking lovely friend! That is a great color for you!

Holly said...

I love the picture of you and Brady... you are so pretty, and I love your outfit!

I remember your post from last year-- and I thought it was equally as cool then!

I cracked up about the song... but I'm with Nicolle... I would have done it for a buck!!

Cindy said...

My first thought was...awesome scarf too!!!:) That and where are the winter coats and hats I usually see on this little adventure!:)
Glad you found the perfect tree. I love real trees, but we jumped ship and went artificial about 5 years ago. Would love to cut down our own tree someday.
I sooooo would have sung too!!
have a happy day kerri

Gabe said...

Oh David and I would have so sung for the discount. . .(is sung a word??) and embarassed our kids in the process. . .priceless!!!

I always tell my kids when they stop embarassing me I will stop embarassing them!

Jenny said...

Yay! Good for you guys. Love all the pictures of the boys but so glad to see you. Your hair looks tres bien! I curse the tree too when we take it down, such a mess, but it is part of the holidays I guess. Can't wait to see it decorated.

Jen said...

Love that pic of you and much! WE went to Lowes again this hoo!

Kim said...

I'm with you 100%. I just can't do a fake tree. It's just not the same. The experience is getting one is a major part of the enjoyment.

LOVE that pic of you and Brady. And I would have totally sang a song too. You know I know them all by heart now. ;)

Lorri said...

I LOVE that you sang it as loud as you could! Brady will be telling that story to his children one day!

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