Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

I'm feeling like I needed to do a Halloween post today...just for memories sake.
I feel like I have a Halloween hangover today.
Halloween this year wasn't all that exciting, really.
Maybe it's because we live in a BORING neighborhood!
The houses are far apart and it takes forver just to hit the 20 houses in our development.
Brady usually comes home with a quarter of a bag of candy.
The good thing is, he doesn't know any differently!
Or maybe it wasn't all that exciting because Brady wasn't excited.
He told us about a week ago that he had something to tell us...but didn't want us to be disappointed.
Boy, did my ears perk up!
Thankfully he just wanted us to know that he doesn't really enjoy trick or treating.
He said  he doesn't understand why we knock on neighbors doors (some who are like strangers) and ask for free candy.
I love that he worries about hurting our feelings.
I also want him to always be honest about his feelings.
He said he would rather just pass out candy next year.
So, unless he changes his mind...that's what he'll do.
Don't get me wrong...he does enjoy the candy and grandma and grandpa coming over for dinner.
This year he invited his cousin to trick or treat with us.
I think he really enjoyed doing this with Ethan.

Look at these characters!

I love this one....we were telling Brady that he needed to SMILE for the picture..he was getting mad!

Brady never puts any effort into his costume...
he usually wants the first scary mask he sees.
I'm not a fan of masks...it creeps me out to see someone I know wearing one.
I'm thinking maybe next year we should try something different....
maybe go to a different neighborhood where there are lots of kids and lots of houses!
Sometimes when we are trick or treating...we only see a few other kids.

When I was tucking Brady in bed last night, he thanked me for making the day fun.
I love him so much.
I hope that when he is grown, he always remembers that I tried to make the holidays special for our family.


Mrs. Dunbar said...

I decided we're passing out candy next year too. I hope my boys are up for it.

It looks like it was a fun evening for you guys.

We don't go trick or treating house to house, our church does a trunk n treat and the kids love it. It's so much more eventful and quick then running from house to house that are spread apart. I'll post pics tomorrow. Does any local church for you guys do this?

Donna said...

Brady sounds like a really special little guy and mature beyond his years! To be sensitive to your feeling too is just icing on the cake. I remember my daughter being young too and wanting to hand out rather than go out in the cold...she liked to see all the kids costumes...ha!

Jenny said...

Ok, so don't read my post today. Just kidding. I kind of was ranting about people trick or treating in our neighborhood that don't live here. But I didn't think about people like you who don't have access to a lot of houses. You can come trick or treat with us if you want!!! Maybe he would enjoy one of those mall trick or treat nights or passing out candy at a nursing home, I'm not being silly (that sounds like it) but maybe he'd like to do something that makes others feel good. He is so mature and maybe since you are always making him all those yummy treats he doesn't care about candy?

Cindy said...

We leave a big basket of candy out front that says "take 2", but i'm sure it's empty in like 10 minutes! That's one reason I don't spend a lot of money on candy!!:)
I think Brady will remmeber how special you made the holidays for him, and maybe together you guys will find the best way to spend Halloween...trick or treating or not!
have a happy day kerri

and those cupcakes look so yummy!
look like they should be in one of nicolle's shops!!:)

Susan R said...

I like Brady's thinking. I wish my kids would follow suit. I have a friend who sets out cider and donuts and candy at the end of their driveway because their driveway is so long that no one will come to their front door. Our driveway isn't long, but we araely seems to get a lot of kiddos come to our door and we are left with a boat load of candy (like I need that). Anyway, my point being, I would like to try something different like that next year. If it's successful, the following year we should get lots of kiddos coming to our place. I'm not a Halloween fan anyway, but as long as the kids are young I'll buy into the whole thing.

Bring Pretty Back said...

That is a hard step when they stop trick or treating.
We want to keep them small FOREVAH!
That is great he felt he could tell you and be honest.
Maybe start a new tradition dressing up and passing out the candy.
I was thinking og you last night wondering how you were doing and hoping you were having fun!

Stacy Crawford said...

It's hard when they grow up. Our new tradition is going out for pizza with the kids and stopping by Wal-mart for their own bag of candy.

Holly said...

We are just getting into the fun age... I dread it ending. But I know it will!
It is sweet of Brady wanting to still hand out candy and be a part.

Those cupcakes..... :D

Kerri @OhMann! said...

What a sweet introspective young man you have. :)

Megan said...

Aw, I love that Brady told you how he feels in such a sensitive way. He is growing up Mama! I think it is fine to let him stay home and pass out candy. There is fun in that too! Did you bake those treats in the first picture??!! You have some awesome skills!

sloan said...

oh, kerri, this is such a sweet post - i love your sensitive boy!! my youngest (10) passed on the trick or treating this year - she just felt too guilty taking free candy and too weirded out by the costumes ... so instead, we hung out at home and passed it out to the "little kids" who stopped by - it was fun!

Nicolle said...

Love those cupcakes. They are so cute. Did you make them? I am laughing that Brady said he doesn't enjoy trick or treating. I think my child will be one of those annoying 16 year olds who still wants to do it. :)

Jill said...

Cute costumes. We always have over 100 kids come through our development, it's a lot of fun and my husband enjoys jumping out and scaring the older kids, lol. This year Hayley got into it too she hid behind our grill and scared some teenagers pretty good. All in fun! Crazy with the snow this year though! LOL
Have a great week.


yaya said...

I'm a Halloween lover and I was sad when our boys were all done with trick or treat....but they now enjoy it with their kiddos and follow many of the traditions we started. That's so fun to see. So keep doing the fun things and some day you will be surprised at how much Brady will repeat what you started.

Cherie said...

Brady is wise beyond his years!

I am with you on the masks - Trent had a helmet this year that covered his face but was not scary. The scary masks always freak me out a little bit.

And those cupcakes with the marshmallow ghosts in the first picture are so dang cute!!

Dan said...

Kerri, please let me know if you start a tennis blog for Brady.

Jen said...

You always make the holidays fun...and even special days that others don't even think about. You and your special after school snacks, etc... Great memories for your family. Maybe he would love going to a fall festival and helping the little kids or like you say..giving out candy way better! He is such a sweet kid!

Karina said...

The neighborhood definitely makes the difference. We have done other things when we lived in "slow" neighborhoods. It really is about doing whatever the kids think is fun. I think this will be our last year out. Handing out candy seemed to be more fun for little k and her friends. I'm sure you wil find what works for you.

Kim said...

Where have I been? I've missed a bunch of what's going on with you.

If my girls didn't have a gang to TorT with and a neighborhood that celebrates Halloween bigger than Christmas I doubt they'd be that into going door to door either. LB used to hit a few houses and then want to go home.

One of these years, I'd love to stay home and pass out candy again too. I loved doing that prekids. I miss it.

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