Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Short, Easy ,Stylish Hair

I usually get the itch to cut my hair off in the fall.
In the summer I like it long so I can pull it back in a
pony tail or clip. My hair is thick and curly and does
it's own thing in the summer.

But fall, that's when I get my hair back.
But only after about 30 minutes of blowing it out with a big
round brush and lots of product!

We're still waiting for fall like weather around here.
It's been very humid lately...which means not so good
hair days...which means a desire for some change.
I really get tired of spending so much time on my hair...
and then having it not look good anway.

I took some pictures of myself doing my hair today.
I hope you don't think I'm full of myself..it did feel a little
weird when I was taking them!

 I've been checking out short haircuts on Pinterest.
I've had lots of bobs in the past...and would really like to try
something different...maybe a little shorter.  If a bob is too full...
I can easily look like a mushroom head with my thick hair!

 One thing that worries me is that I would get a haircut that is
old ladyish.  Definitely don't want that!  My face is also fuller
right now....it could have something to do with the 10 lbs I gained this summer....so short hair is only going to make me look chubbier...right?  I think that will be my incentive for
getting a new haircut....lose the 10 lbs first!

Geez, I have rambled enough.  I think I could talk about
hair all day!

Here are some of the cuts that caught my eye.
What do you think?










Decisions, decisions.
Do you change your style often...
or stick with what works?



Kim said...

Oh, I soooo feel your pain! My hair is very similar. Any humidity and it's nothing but a ponytail day. I've spent my whole life "growing out my hair" only to chop it back off again. It's been "long" (for me) for quite a few years now. I've toyed with the idea of chopping it off again, but just can't do it. BUT...if I did I'd be all over #1, 6 or 8. I adore those choppy bobs.

Genn said...

Hi Kerri!

Ok, you know I could talk hair all day too right?

Here's my thoughts:

love your hair...
it really is beautiful!
And so are you!
Do you ever flat iron it? That would help with the frizz after blowdrying a lot. ALso, a brazilan blowout would change your life!!! I know they are pricey (your hair would probably be upwards of around $200) but it lasts 3-5 months and completely seals your cuticle so there is ABSOLUTELY NO frizz!! No frizz. It's fantastic.

BUT, if that is not in the budget, or an option for you...

my thoughts on the cuts:

#1- very cute but remember Sienna Miller's hair is naturally straight and very fine. Not the same as yours so it would not look just that way.

#2- Mandy Moore does have thick hair and I really really like this cut. I think it would be easier for you, and this pic is probably more realistic of what yours might look like than #1.

#8- SO. Stinking. ADORABLE. LOve love. BUT- her hair looks naturally straight and fine too, so remember yours wouldn't be exactly the same. You could still do that though, but would just need it really texturized, but I do love it.

#9- Ginifer Goodwin (love her cuz she spells her name with a G like me) and love her hair do. Hers is also thick so that would be pretty accurate on how it might look on you too.

VERY cute selections Kerri! I think whatever you choose to do will look great on you.

yaya said...

I wish mine were just a bit longer...ok, maybe alot longer since it's short, but I have curly hair and getting it to grow the way I want is such a pain. I like the last style. I think that would look good one you. Have fun!

Susan R said...

My hair has been the same darn style since high school. With the exception of Rod Stewart style hair in Jr. High, it's always the same, but different lengths.
I'm too chicken to try anything new.
Maybe you should go for the old Kate Gosselin look huh?

Susan R said...

Actually, I wouldn't change it, I like the way yur hair looks right now. Just pony tail it when it isn't behaving.

sloan said...

hi kerri - wow, those styles would be a change alright!! i love all of those pics, the styles are so so cute and really stylish (i've been tempted to have a pixie cut myself from time to time!) ... but the thing that always stops me is that i can't even imagine not begin able to pull my hair back into a darn "everyday" ponytail!! i'm such a bore when it comes to hair, i hope you go for it!!

Sue said...

I just cut my hair short. Its so easy and fun. Spikey, straight or curly. Whatever I'm feelin.

I have collected on pinterest cute short hair styles. You picked some of the ones I have.

You have gorgeous hair. Whatever you do will look awesome.

Erin from Skoots and Cuddles said...

love your thick, pretty hair! it would look nice long or short :)

Susan said...

Oh, I had short hair most of my younger years. My mom would never let me grow it out.... and I grew up in the 80's when everyone had HUGE hair. After I had my girl I cut it short again.... I hated it. I grew it out and have promised to never cut it short again..... we'll see. But, gosh those cuts are so cute!

And your hair... GORGEOUS!

Nicolle said...

I love those haircuts in the photos you posted. I have naturally curly/major poofy hair, so mine would never in a million years do any of those styles. I hate to say I've worn mine up for over 3 years now. I'm sure Kevin would love to see me in a new style. Your hair really is gorgeous. I think you should take your ideas to a stylist and let them feel your hair and give you their tips/advice. I love all of Genn's advice too. I have heard a brazilian blowout is a miracle. Would love to try one of those one day as well! :)

Kris said...

Kerri, you are adorable!!! Your hair is gorgeous!! I have thick hair too, so I know what you mean about fighting it all the time. I see my daughter, the hair pro has already addressed your hair questions, and she knows her stuff, so I won't even put my two cents worth in. I want to cut mine like Jamie Lee Curtis and let it all go to my natural silver/gray!!! But I would have to lose like half a person in weight first!!!!

Lorri said...

I am SUPER boring when it comes to my hair! I'm too scared to make a big change. IF I could pull off any of those styles, I would do it! Very fun pictures!

Steelers6 said...

All the styles you picked are very cute! And your hair looks sooo beautiful in the one where it is cascading down your back with some sections pinned up. Wow! Do you get some color? Or is that all your own? Can't remember if you have talked about that before. In any case, gorg.

Cindy said...

Great adivce from Genn!!
I am soooo with you on the hair thing, we may have even chatted about this before...frizz...yuck!! My blow-dry routine looks similar to yours and usually for NOT once the weather touches it.
I say Go For it!!
have a happy day kerri

Jenny said...

OK, so let me start by saying, you are beautiful, long hair or short so don't let that be your motivation! And as a short hair girl, let me also say it is not always easier. I cannot skip a washing day. I wash it every day, blow dry and straighten it. Yick. Frizz is my enemy. I loathe it. I am supposed to have a piecey reverse bob like the one you have of Mandy Moore but I have yet to find a product that keeps it piecey. It ends up smooth-ish by the end of the day. I will take that over frizz anyday. The slightest bit of water in the air and I am a fuzz ball. I have actually been considering growing my hair out, it seems like everyone has long beautiful hair with loose layers. Ugh, why do we always want the opposite of what we have? I know long hair doesn't do well on me, too fine texture but I still want it. I too have had every version of the bob, I am still not convinced I have the best one right now. **sigh** Good luck on whatever you decide, I think your hair is really pretty and it looks so thick.

Kitchen Benchtops said...

Very nice, interesting and original hairstyle.
I also like the curls, really cute.

Lakisha Gelb said...

These celebrity hair bobs look fab! I do love Ginnifer Goodwin’s bob. It looks modish and chic, and you can do away with complicated hairstyles when you have this cut! With regards to your question, I always try something new to make my hairstyle quite interesting. But I always ask my hairstylist if that cut suits me. It is fun to experiment sometimes! [Lakisha Gelb]

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