Thursday, August 18, 2011

Jumping On The Bandwagon

I finally tried quinoa (keen-wah) last week and I LOVE it!  You can read about it here if you need to know where it comes from and if it's a grain or not, etc.  I'm not really into explaining all of that.    A friend of mine who owns a grocery store had mentioned it to me awhile back, and then my friend Nicolle blogged about it a few weeks ago and since,  I've seen it on several other blogs.  What is all this quinoa talk about?  I needed to find out myself! 

So, last week I bought a bag of it at the grocery store.  I emailed Nicolle around lunchtime to tell her I was making quinoa and asked her a question.  I can't remember what my question was...but soon after I sent the email, the phone rang and it was her!!  I couldn't believe it!  She was so kind to call me to make sure I had figured it out.  We have emailed back and forth for over a year or so, but I finally was able to talk to her.  She is my first blog friend that I have actually talked to in person...well, you know what I mean!  I was so excited....we could have talked all afternoon...but she and her little boy had more exciting things to Chuck E. Cheese!  Thanks Nicolle for taking the time to call me!

Anyway, back to quinoa.  It really is easy to make.  You cook it like you would rice.  I made mine with chicken broth instead of water.  You can add whatever you like to it.  I love it with black beans and avacado...and maybe a teeny bit of sour cream!  I found this recipe for quinoa with garlic, pine nut and raisens.  I think I will try that one next!  The balsamic quinoa salad looks good too!

So, I definitely feel like I'm jumping on the quinoa bandwagon.

But you know what?!  If you haven't tried it, you should jump on too!

Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Love that stuff! I haven't had it in awhile...maybe tomorrow:) Now I'm craving it:))

Cindy said...

As soon as I read the title of this post, I know exactly what it was going to be about!! Too funny!;) Yummy stuff huh? We have only had it a few times, but it really is good. I'm excited to show Dave those links you posted.
have a happy day

Nicolle said...

Love your pictures of your quinoa! Your meals look yummy! It was so fun talking to you on the phone too. I'm sure we'll do it again and again.

I keep a batch of it made in the fridge. I think I eat a little of it every day now. I am trying not to get burned out on it, so maybe I skip a day. haha. A friend suggested it with just a bit of Frank's Red hot sauce, and I do that in a pinch.It's GOOD! Anyway, I'm so glad you tried it and love it.


Kerri said...

I have not tried it in a long time. My husband cooked it before. I think we may give it a whirl :)

Kat said...

That looks delicious!

yaya said...

Well, it sure looks yummy..but I've never tried it. I think they make it in our cafeteria at the hospital every once in a while. I have tons of tomatoes from the garden that would sure go nicely with I just might have to get some tomorrow!

Susan R said...

It looks somewhat like cracked wheat. Looks good, I'll try it.
By the way...I loved that thumbprint art book you posted about, so I bought one on eBay. Can wait to try it with the kids.

Kim said...

How sweet that Nicolle called you! She's such a doll! I love quinoa too, but I only know about 2 ways to make it so I go on quinoa kicks. Eating it daily for a week or so and then forgetting about it for months.

Erin said...

That looks SO yummy!!!

Bring Pretty Back said...

I am like you, i have read about it and wanted to try it but just wasn't really sure how to coook it, if I would like it .. all that jazz. OK! I am going for it this week!
Thanks for the review!
Have a pretty day !

Cherie said...

I have tried it once and I liked it. It was at a meeting for work where they were showing us healthy choices.
It is a little harder to get my family on the bandwagon.
Eating it with black beans and avacado sounds super good.

Karen said...

I read your post on facebook about quinoa and then your post on here. I too have been curious about it. And then, go figure, we were at a picnic this weekend and one of our friends brought a quinoa & spinach dish. It is yummy! And, apparently very healthy. I'm going to have to try making it too!

Stef said...

Hmmmm...yours looks really really good. You are so adventurous! Maybe I will try it for lunch first...then bring it out for the family.
This is exciting!!

Jill said...

Too funny! I just picked up a big bag at Costco Sunday and was looking for some good recipes! Thanks for sharing these, I've been wanting to try it too! :-)


Karina said...

I'm running far behind the bandwagon....trying to jump on. Been wanting to try it for awhile as well since everyone seems to be talking about (and making) it. It reminds me of couscous? I'll have to finally give it a try.

How fun when blog life mixes with real life (at least via the phone).

Looks delish.

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