Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Counting Down and School Shopping

Brady is counting down the days until school starts.  He is ready and excited.  I think getting the man teacher he wanted has everything to do with this.  I on the otherhand (as usual) am not so excited.    I'm sad that summer is ending.  In it's place will be schedules and homework and bedtimes and packing lunches and waking up to an alarm clock.  Ugh.  I'm not a fan of change, and this year we have a new bus driver (loved the old one), a new principal (loved her too) and a man teacher.  Yikes.  Lots of change.  It won't take me long to get on board...what other choice is there?!  I think my biggest problem lies in the fact that going into a new school year means more growing and independence are sure to follow.  Sigh......

Brady and I headed out yesterday to do some school shopping.  I always look forward to doing this...just the two of us.  And even though Brady's not the best shopper, I have to say that this was our BEST year shopping thus far!  He only developed a slight headached after the 2nd store and wanted to stay in the van while I ran into the Gap Outlet, but I convinced him it was the last store before lunch.   We had planned on going to Friendly's for lunch...but then Brady had a last minute change of mind and we ended up at Cici's. 

At lunch, Brady told me:

~he's excited about having a bigger class this year.
~he's excited to learn his time tables.
~he's excited to learn cursive.
~he's excited to move to the big 3rd grade playground.
~and, he doesn't think I should make cookies and brownies and cupcakes for his teacher this year because it's not very "man-like".  (Really, is that true?  Well, I wouldn't want to embarrass him now would I?)

Oh, I'm going to miss this face being around all day!

To my soon to be 3rd grader...I hope this year is everything you're wanting it to be and more!

Six more days until school starts!


Cherie said...

Kids have the funniest thought processes.
I laughed that he doesn't want you to bake things for his teacher.
Kids have the cutest ideas about what is cool.
(I bet the man teacher would love baked yummy stuff!!).

Bridget said...

Cici's is Kyle's favorite place to eat pizza, too. Hope Brady has a great year at school :)

Susan R said...

Good grief, how is it that you still have summer break? My kids are on their 3rd week of school. When do you guys get out?
I went to hit against the ball machine the other day and was wishing Brady was around to hit with. I bet he could whoop me. I'm old and not as fast.
I usually need to take some kind of medication before I go school shopping with my kids. It's not a fun time.

Stacy Crawford said...

IDK, I work with one male teacher in our building and I think he would love cupcakes, cookies and brownies, they wouldn't even need to be fancy or cute. Just slap that frosting on and dish it up! lol

Enjoy those last few days of summer freedom. :)

jules said...

My kids are grown but I remember those last few days of summer vacation...I honestly miss it.

Holly said...

It even hurt my heart a little to read no-cupcakes!!!
(I bet he gets over that!)

Good luck to you and Brady on a wonderful year!!

Tessa said...

good luck to Brady!! Andrew just started third grade today. no first day jitters for either of us - a first. i missed him today though! he did ask me as we got closer to school, if it was ok if he didn't hold my hand. ah, knife to the heart. they are growing up. bitter sweet i say! xo, Tessa

Jill said...

Hi Kerri,

Hayley has her first man teacher this year and is super excited! Boys are different I shopped for the girls all Kathleen was a bit tired but Hayley and I love to shop!

Just wanted to let you know I have a blog award for you! When you get a chance stop by and check it out!


Nicolle said...

I hope Brady has a wonderful school year. I had my first male teacher in 6th grade, and thought it was the coolest thing ever. Maybe you can make some kind of manly cupcakes?! :))

Karina said...

Little K has her first man teacher this year as well (all the boys wanted him)....she's thrilled to be in his class - I'm the one wondering how it will be dealing with a male teacher. I'm right there with you - not a big fan of change...but repeat after me. Change is good....change is good....

Kris said...

He is so cute! I hope he has a great year at school this year!!! And I just read your post about AZ. How fun!! Glad you got to make the trip!!!

Kerri said...

Good Luck to your Handsome B!
We are still adjusting to school life at Casa de Mann. S-I-G-H!!!

Cindy said...

Enjoy your last few days!! (which are like what...2 now!:)) Glad this was your best school shopping year ever. Anything has to be good that ends with pizza right??

A man teacher huh?? Not sure how i would handle that. I guess as long as they rocked, that would be ok right? And the cupcake and cookie comment cracks me up. Althought something tells me he will certainly like them!!

Working again this year??

have a happy day kerri

Jenny said...

Good luck to Brady as he starts 3rd grade. Zoe had a man teacher last year and gift giving was different. I found out he was a techie so I gave him a gift card for Office Max (I figured he could use it towards something) and at the end of the year we gave him an Outback steakhouse card (it was his favorite restaurant) and he really appreciated it. He and his wife are on his single teacher's income so they were super excited to get a chance to go out to eat. Made me feel good to give it. I understand what you mean about school starting, I like having the kids home and the unstructured days are kind of nice for a while.

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