Wednesday, August 31, 2016

First Day of 8th Grade

The first day of school came and went without any big hoopla.

When I asked Brady how his day was he said, "good."

No school shopping for us this year.  The only new thing he wanted was a backpack.

He did say to me a few days later that none of his  teachers 
have really WOW'd him.
I had to laugh because he has always been a tough sell.  I first noticed when in 1st grade he said that his teacher was not as organized as his kindergarten teacher.  He has had some outstanding teachers and some very average teachers...and I know he really appreciates a good one.  He did say that he has a long term sub in social studies and that he can tell that this guy has a real passion for teaching.  Brady even said that he might send the guy an email letting him know that he's really enjoying being in his class.  Again, I had to laugh to myself!

It's hard to believe that his last year of middle school is underway.  I'm praying for a year like last year.  If there is such a thing as a perfect year, last  year was it.  Brady loved his first year of middle school....the changing of classes, more teachers, more independence, very little homework, no friend drama and honor roll all year.  A couple of his teachers told us at parent teacher conference that Brady walks into class everyday with a smile on his face.  And, that, means everything to us.

So, fingers crossed for another good year.  Things are changing around here with a teenager in the house.  I'm learning to adjust...when to press for more information...and when to let it go.  

Here's to a GREAT school year!


Jill said...

Good luck Brady!! I can't believe how grown up he looks! Where does does the time go??


Dan said...

Have another good year Brady.

yaya said...

I hope it's good too! He's a good kid and I know it will be a fun ride! I can't believe how grown up he looks! Time sure does fly! Keep us informed!

jen said...

Dang, he's cute! Welcome to teenagers. The good outweighs the hard. I promise.

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