Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A New Love

These days, when Brady isn't on the tennis court, he's playing basketball in our driveway.  Basketball doesn't come quite as easily for him as tennis...but he is determined to get better before the next basketball season starts.  He really really likes it.   And one thing that Brady understands is that to get better at anything...you have to work at it.  He reminds me of someone I  use to know.  ;)

The other day I took some pictures with my phone. On this day, he didn't even come into the house after school to change his clothes before he grabbed his basketball.

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yaya said...

I had b-ball players and I found out that some kids who were good in Junior high didn't always make the high school team and some who weren't good in junior high excelled in high school. All kiddos develop at different stages. But Brady looks like he's on his way to a fun bball school career! He's a determined young man and it's nice he can play both of his fav sports because the seasons are different. We enjoyed watching our boys play and I miss those days except the winter games were cold and snowy at times when we traveled to watch them play! Good luck Brady! We always had summer ball camps and our oldest went to Chicago when he was a Freshman and went to Michael Jordan's ball camp. That was an experience of a lifetime.

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