Monday, November 10, 2014

Tracy Austin

Brady was one of five players in our area invited to meet and work with Tracy Austin last Friday afternoon.  If you're a tennis fan, you will of course know who she is.  If you're not, she is a former world #1 player and the youngest person to ever win the U.S. Open.  She is also the youngest person ever to be inducted into the Tennis Hall of Fame.   She is now a tennis commentator and has her own show on the tennis channel where she coaches.  

Brady was so lucky to get this opportunity.  You can imagine how excited he was and you can see from the photo above that he soaked in every bit of advice that she gave to him. 

Tracy was amazing, and nice and so knowledgeable.  She worked intensely with the group for an hour and a half.  I know Brady will remember this forever.

As we were saying goodbye, Ms. Austin said, "I will look for your name in the lights Brady!"  
Very sweet.


jen said...

Can't imagine how cool this must have been. I remember Tracy Austin--that's like Venus or Serena Williams today!

Cindy said...

Wow - I remember Tracy Austin! That is so neat! I'm excited to see what the future holds for Brady -- and his mom!!

Jill said...

So awesome!!! Way to go Brady!


yaya said...

I used to play tennis and watch it often on TV and I sure do remember super that Brady had that opportunity! I know he'll go far and I also have to mention how old he's getting! What a handsome young must be so proud! (I know you are!)

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