Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Apple Cider Donuts

When we went through the corn maze, I had the best apple cider donuts.
They were so good that I went out and bought a donut pan so that I could make them myself!

I have a huge box of little white bags that I've had forever.   I used my craft scissors across the top.  They were perfect for holding the donuts.

I used this recipe for APPLE CIDER DONUTS.

They were so good!  Not quite the same as I had at the corn maze...but definitely a close second!
 I think I had four warm donuts throughout the six hours I spent in the kitchen.  I also tried several chocolate cake donut recipes...but I will keep searching because I didn't like the consistency of any of those that I tried.  

Making donuts is fun!  I look forward to experimenting some more!  However, next time I will
try and limit myself to just one!


yaya said...

Mmmmmm! My Grandma was a fabulous donut maker. My brothers would skip school to go visit her and she always sent them away with yummy donuts. Yours look awesome! I've only made donuts with canned biscuit dough. Put a hole in them, fry them up, throw them in a paper sack that has sugar and cinnamon in it. Not bad! Have a good week!

{cindy} said...

oh thsoe look yummy! our orchard sells them and it's really all we go there for these days!!:) haha
dave has made donuts before but never this kind! yum!! let us know when you find that chocolate recipe k?
have a happy day kerri

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