Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Steffi had a birthday yesterday!  We showered her with lots of hugs and kisses and attention...just like any other day!   Brady got her a new toy and a new bone.  She obsesses anytime she gets something new...so she was preoccupied most of the day.  We also 
made homemade dog treats.  Our neighbor makes her dog treats and she gave one to Steffi to try and she loved it.  So, Brady got the recipe and asked if we could make them for Steffi on her birthday.  

It's hard to believe she has been a part of our family for 9 months now.  She is just so sweet, and loving and feisty and I can't imagine not having her.  (Yes, I was the one who didn't want a dog!)  We love her...and she loves us back.  

I love how crazy excited she gets when we walk in the door after we've been gone.  She even
gets excited when we come out of the bathroom!

I love how much she loves Brady and how she absolutely cannot wait to wake him up in the 
mornings.  One of these days I'm going to video tape her when I ask her, "is it time?"  She
stands on her back two legs and hops all the way to Brady's bedroom door!

I love how much Eric loves her and I appreciate that he takes on the bulk of the responsibility
with her.  He drives home everyday on his lunch just to let her out and break up her day when Brady and I are at school.

I love that she loves to go bye bye and will sit at the side of the van door hoping she gets
to come along.  It's also sad when we pull out of the drive way and we see her sitting on Brady's bed looking out the window at us as we leave.

The transition for us having a dog went smoother than I could have ever hoped.
I think we lucked out with our girlie.
We love her bunches!

4 ingredient dog treats

Mix 2 cups whole wheat flour with 1 cup oats.
Heat 1 1/4 cup water in microwave.
Add 1/3 cup peanut butter to hot water; stir
Stir peanut butter mixture into flour mixture.

Knead well.  Cover with plastic for 15 minutes.

Roll out to 1/4 inch and cut with cookie cutters or whatever.
Bake 20-30 minutes @ 350.  Let treats cool.

*We made hearts and 1's (1's were a bit smaller than the hearts) and we
ended up with 60 treats!


Kris said...

Happy Birthday Steffi!!!!
No pics of the kitchen redo?
xo KRis

Cindy said...

Awwww! I love that you have fallen for her!! I secretly wanted you to get a dog soooo bad! She is a lucky girl and apparently so are you!!

Val said...

Happy 1st Birthday Steffi.

Holly said...

You're the coolest dog mom.
...and real mom too. :)

Steelers6 said...

Oh my goodness what a cute picture of her!
I am so glad she has worked out this well. It
is really just not always the case. She is soo

I have a hunch Eric may have enjoyed
going home to let Steffi out. Will she need that
this school year too? I guess even if she can wait
til you get home, it's really nice for her.

I can't even quite imagine her hopping to awaken
routine. It sounds so funny.

Has she traveled with you? Like Ohio maybe?

{cindy} said...

what a good dog mommy you are!:)
we want a dog again too someday. maybe when Aubrey goes to kindergarten!?!? think I can convince dave to let me stay home another year to take care of a puppy??:)
have a happy day kerri

Jen said...

She seems perfect! And so cute too!

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