Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tennis Pictures

My dad's good friend Walt asked if he could
take some pictures of Brady playing tennis.
Walt takes pictures of all the local sports teams in our area for the newspaper.

I was excited because I don't have many good pictures of Brady playing tennis.
Oh, I have a LOT...but not a lot of good ones!  Usually there is a fence to deal with...netting,
and distance.  Also, if it's inside....dim lighting is always an issue for me.

Walt ended up taking 368 pictures of Brady in action.
He gave my dad and I each a disk of all the pictures.

Here are some of my favorite!

I'm not sure what to do with all of these pictures...maybe make a collage
or have a couple of canvases made?  Any ideas?

Thanks Walt for all the pictures!
We really love them!


Nicolle said...

Maybe a little photo book made of all of them, so they're all in one place? Also a couple of canvases for sure. LOVE these!

Cindy said...

I love all those pictures -- how lucky to have someone put all that together for you!! He's the cutest tennis player!! I know there's lots of places to get canvas, but I just got three from www.canvaspeople.com and was pretty happy with them. Wait for a good deal -- there's lots of them! :)

Kris said...

Oh Kerri, those are terrific!! I love the looks of determination on his face! I would make a photo frame. We had family pictures done at the beach, and I bought a huge frame, and put many of the photos in it. I hung it horizontally in my house, and it is enjoyed by all. I need to take a pic and show you.
XO Kris

Val said...

These are fantastic. It will be so good to look back at these when he is playing the U.S. Open. I can see it happening.

yaya said...

What super pics! Brady is a cutie and tennis really is such a clean sport! Look at those white shorts and shoes! I would make some canvas pics if I were you...and a photo book. I need to answer your question about the oak tree at Malabar that was in Shawshank...it was hit by lightning last year and had to be cut down...so sad. Just thought I'd let you know.

Erin Deegan said...

Love seeing that Wilson logo :) Great photos.

Susan R said...

Kerri: Living Social has a good deal running right now for putting a print on canvas. I bought a 16x20 for $29.00 plus $12.00 shipping.

Jess said...

The photo books on Shutterfly or similar sites are nice!

Love the pics!


Jill said...

Awesome photos! A memory book or digital frame? So many possibilities! Have a great weekend!


Steelers6 said...

Wow, he sure looks like his father in that last one! And like a teenager.....

{cindy} said...

how awesome for you guys to have these. just look at that determination and love of the game!:)
love the canvas idea. and the book too.:)
have a happy day kerri

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