Sunday, April 21, 2013

A New Look

I couldn't figure out how to fix my blurry header, so I decided to shop around and get some help.  Boy, you can spend a lot of money on headers and layouts, and navigation bars and all that jazzy stuff.  I went with a premade layout from Designer Blogs.
  The $15.00 fee made it an easy decision for me.  I like the new look for now, and I like that I won't feel the need to switch it up every know, like I used to. :) 
Brady wanted to know why his picture isn't in my new header?!
Another new look....I spray painted the brass fixtures in our master bathroom.
This was the only before picture I took. 
 I have always hated those lights above the mirror.
Here's how it turned out after a couple coats of rustoleum oil rubbed bronze spray paint.

Now, I don't think those light fixtures look so bad!
I also did the knobs on our vanity...I though they were in this picture too...but I guess not!

Speaking of "new" look, Steffi got her first haircut this week.
The lady that groomed her said by the time she got to Steffi's face, she could no longer
keep her safe from the scissors!  Hopefully each time we go she'll do better.
For now, one side of her face is longer than the other and I don't think the lady made it to
Steffi's ears.  Oh least we can see her eyes now!

 Have a great week!


Kris said...

Love the new fixtures. Paint is a beautiful thing! When we first got Ducey, I bathed him regularly, and blew him dry, and combed him out. He was so crazy, I had to keep him on leash. After a few times, he settled in. He knows the drill now. I groom him myself, and he sits through it so nice.
How is your Dad???
xO Kris

{cindy} said...

love the new look kerri!! someday i may just join you with the whole premade thing. and $15...that's not bad at all.:)

light fixtures look great. i am thinking about painting and replacing the lamp shades on our kitchen table light. i know it's probably one of those super easy fixes that will make me think...why'd i wait so long right??:)

and sweet little stefi!! what a cutie she is.:)

have a happy day kerri

Holly said...

I can't pick which makeover I like best?!! They are all amazing!

Gabe said...

Love the new look here on the's perfect!

And I love the transformation that a little paint can do:)

Nicolle said...

Love the picture of Steffi and Brady!
Your bathroom fixtures look wonderful with the new paint. I am just like you, I've stared at some of our fixtures for 10 years and hated them, but still haven't done a thing. I guess life gets in the way! :) Love your new blog look too. It looks great.

Val said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE The new blog look and your bathroom looks fabulous.

Stef said...

I love the new look!
And Steffi's hair is so cute!

Anonymous said...

Love your new look! I need a blog makeover too, and a little $15 one doesnt sound like a bad idea :)

Cindy said...

I read this earlier and am back to comment. Blog looks great, but I would read it regardless because you're such a "neat" person!! (Awwwww!). Lights and Steffi look all spiffed up, too! I can't wait for a non-windy day for me to spray a few fun! If you keep taking Steffi to a groomer, she will learn to love it (mine does now)!!

Jill said...

Looks great! We had issues grooming our Yorkie for a long time.... Finally has come around. How is your dad feeling? Hope you are having a great week


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