Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Little Parfaits and Washi Tape

So, my love of small individual servings continues.
Yesterday we had a teacher breakfast before school.
I made individual yogurt parfaits.
You can't really tell from my picture how little they were.
I made a fruit glaze/syrup for the bottom.
I wish I had taken better pictures...but I barely got these I was so behind yesterday morning!
I am also in love with washi tape!
I have seen Karina use it and decided to check it out!
I had planned to wrap the tape around the cup for decoration...but then decided to use
it to hold the little spoon in place.  These are little taste tester spoons...I'm in love with them also!
I filled the cup with store bought yogurt and then topped them with granola.
Easy peasy.
Transporting them to school....not so easy peasy!


Nicolle said...

Those are so cute! I love all of your ideas of little individual servings, and the tape just makes them that much cuter!

So funny, I have loved washi tape for so long b/c of Karina too. I just ordered some and got my first stuff in last week. Coffee, and some colorful polka dots. I'm in love with it. I just placed another order for some happy birthday washi tape! It's so much fun.

Cindy said...

You're awesome...but I want to know about Brady's medal!!??? Don't be modest!!! (Just teasing you!!)

Kris said...

What a fabulous idea!!!! I have love that tape too. When I got my 2 dollar grab bags from Joann's...I got oodles of it, but in Christmas prints. It is fun!!!

jen said...

The tape is what made them darling. Really cute.

yaya said...

Cute idea and I never heard of washi tape...where have I been?

Holly said...

I have never heard of the tape but I did notice it on my letter today from Nicolle and thought it was too cute!!

Now I have to go check out the blog of the one you found it through!

Jill said...

How adorable! Love this idea!


{cindy} said...

oh those are the sweetest! we made yogurt parfaits at our valentines party in janey's class. of course they didn't look anything like yours...drips down the sides and all..but they loved em and gobbled em up!:)
is that the site you ordered your tape from? pretty inexpensive huh!?:)

have a happy day kerri

i am officially all caught up with you and it feels good!!!:)

Kerri @OhMann! said...

Catching up here! So happy your test results came back clear. I have been on that same roller coaster and it can blanket your spirit. You are so smart to stay on your exam schedule. I have been having blog trouble too. Do you think instagram is spoiling it? It is so quick and records what we are doing. I think about things I need to blog and feel overwhelmed at getting caught up and making the post just right. I miss my blog though.

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