Sunday, February 17, 2013

Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese

{picture taken before sauce was added}
This recipe was too good not to share!
I found it in this cookbook...
I have been a fan of Hungry Girl for years.
You can find the recipe HERE.
Of course I doctored it a bit to make it extra spicy.
I also added blue cheese...which was such a good idea.
I know what you're thinking...I just went over the 300 calories!
And I am what! In a nice voice, of course. :)
I have made it twice in the last two weeks.
If you try it...let me know what you think!


Cindy said...

Oh that looked so good on Instagram...I never would have thought it was an HG recipe! I am a big fan of hers, too. I think we have to try it now for sure!! Good call on the bleu cheese -- I think I will go for that, too!!

Kris said...

We haven't fixed that yet, but we have all of her cookbooks, and they are great!!! Looks so good!!!
xo Kris

Nicolle said...

So glad you posted this. My mouth was watering when I saw it on your IG feed. Will definitely be making it, and of course, we will spice it up as well. :)

Jill said...

Yummy! This looks so delicious! Thanks for sharing :-)
Have a great week!


Stef said...

Wow!! That looks so good. Calories are overrated. Let's stop counting them, shall we?

yaya said...

I love when people make a recipe their own by adding their own personalities and preferences to it. Looks like one I'd like to try!

Karen said...

That sounds SO good! We love buffalo chicken anything around here. Will have to try it!

{cindy} said...

just sent dave the link!!
i think it looks super yummy!!
and calories shmalories!!
have a happy day kerri

Steelers6 said...

Tried it. My fam liked it. It was a bit spicy for my palate, but very good. My son added more hot sauce, whew!) & I was told I'm a wimp--haha)


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