Friday, February 10, 2012

Ten on Ten: {February 2012}

Ten pictures in ten hours on the tenth of the month trying
 to capture the beauty in the ordinary moments of the day. 

This afternoon I went out to lunch and shopping with a friend. 
 It was just what I needed.  I don't often make the time to do
this...and it never fails...afterwards I always feel recharged.
The older I get, the more I realize how important my girlfriends are to me.  

Okay, back to ten on goes!

Breakfast for the boy.

Packing the lunchbox.

Brady and I always play catch while we wait for the bus.

First time at the Ulta store.

First time at Sublime Cupcakes.

Heading home.

Eric took this one with my cell phone.


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Happy tenth everyone!


Gabe said...

We used to do campouts like that alot when the boys were little. . .miss those . . .gotta do that with the girls some time!

Those strawberries look so yummy!
Great set!

Susan R said...

Very cute. You are blessed indeed.

Cherie said...

Well I have loved how you do this 10 on 10 so I decided this year to do 12 on 12 (because I am a dork and it is 2012) - thanks for inspiring me!

I love your pictures. The one of you and Brady is so good. I like the campout, the horses are so pretty with their blankets on.

Is it cold where you are?

Cherie said...

OH and I totally forgot to say that going out with friends is such a great thing! Women just need each other - talking, listening, sharing the same stuff - we need each other!

I love Philosophy products but have never been to that store and, well, you know I love cupcakes - those look SO delish!! I love that you got a box to take home :-D

sloan said...

aw, kerri - i love it! i did it too, 2nd month in a row :) love your pics - my favorite is a surprise - it's the one of the horses in their cute little coats ... love it b/c it's so totally different than what's outside our windows up here!!

yaya said...

Great day you had and fun pics to celebrate it!

Dana @ Bungalow'56 said...

Looks like a great day. Any day with a cupcake in it, is a good day in my books. And you are so right about girlfriends. I need to start making more of an effort to see mine more.

Megan said...

What a fun day you had and what a cool mama to play catch at the bus stop. Love that.

Nancy said...

Fun. fun. fun. I love your loot you got from your adventure! Good choice on the cupcakes. :)

Nicolle said...

Great picture of you and Brady! You know I'm drooling over those cupcakes. I love Philosophy products, I just never buy them b/c of the price tag. They are so great though. Glad you had a fun day!

Genn said...

Love your set of pics!
so mad i forgot it was the tenth!!!
so, did you find the kenra product at ulta??? i hope so!!!!!!
Now I want to know what all you got.
That store is fun huh? So very girly. I took my husband in there one time and he was practically scratching at the door to get out! lol.
love that last picture of your boys.
and i think it is so sweet that you and brady play catch while waiting for the bus.

Genn said...

ps- your hair looked great in that pic of you and brady!

Kris said...

Nice pics. Yes...move to Cali!

Holly said...

Oh my gosh, I love my girl friends... we don't get to *do* a lot together, since we all have small kids... but I am sure I could not get through the difficult days of marriage/ parenting/ life without them.

I love your heart shaped plate... I love that you play catch with Brady before school (I aspire to be you as a mom, just so you know), I love Ulta, and those cupcakes looked divine!

I love your 10 on 10!

Karina said...

Darn. I missed it again this month. I'm so off track. Such a great collection here. Love those yummy berries and that sweet heart plate ... Not to mention cupcakes -yAy. Have a great weekend.

Jen said...

Yay for Ulta! What did you get? Great pic of you and Brady!

Kim said...

I CANNOT believe I COMPLETELY forgot about Ten on Ten! My favorite day of the month. It must have been the damn paint fumes.

I want a girl's day out at Ulta and the cupcake shop! Can I come next time? So...whatcha get at Ulta?!?!

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