Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sharing My Tunes

My husband gave me this cd for Christmas and I have enjoyed it everyday since.  
He calls it my island music. 
 It's kind of a mix of country and reggae. 
When I listen to it, it doesn't feel like winter! 
 It feels like the middle of July on a sunny beach without a care in the world. 
 Yep, I'm in my own little world over here.

I thought I would share my tunes in case you needed a little help too getting through this cold winter! 
 You're welcome. :)

Some Beach             Blake Shelton
Two Pina Coladas     Garth Brooks
Rhythm of Love        Plain White T's
Live, Laugh, Love     Clay Walker
One More Drinkin' Song    Jerrod Niemann
Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven   Kenny Chesney
No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem   Kenny Chesney
Pass the Dutchie        Musical Youth
One Love                   Bob Marley
Red Solo Cup             Toby Keith
Toes                            Zac Brown Band
Knee Deep                  Zac Brown Band
Three Little Birds        Bob Marley
I'm Yours                    Jason Mraz
It's Five O'Clock Somewhere   Alan Jackson

I was going to link all the videos...but then got lazy decided you could find them yourself on youtube if you wanted.  It really is a happy little cd.  Just don't get confused looking over the song titles and think it is my "drinking" cd!  It is not.  Although, if we get a big snow storm, I might think about bringing my beach chair into the livingroom and having that sweet husband of mine whip me up some pina coladas!



Kris said...

Atta girl! Great way to visualize the water away!! Soon, we will be wishing we could cool off a tad in our triple digit heat!!
I would love that CD too!!

Heather said...

Great songs and that's a great idea to help get through the winter!

Dana @ Bungalow'56 said...

Anything that will make summer seem a little closer is a great idea in my books. I will definitely be checking some of these out.

yaya said...

He knows you well and found a perfect gift that will keep a smile on your face! It hasn't been a bad winter but some days are just so gray. Many times, even if it's cold, I will sit outside in the sun when we have it just to recharge and pretend it's warm out!

Sue said...

what a great gift. Good choices on the songs.

Nicolle said...

You're missing a Jimmy Buffett song, but I can forgive you because you have Bob Marley on there. :)

Seriously though, those are great songs. Love them all. I was driving the other day with my windows down listening to a Buffett CD, and it made me smile.

Jill said...

So sweet! I am so ready for warm weather to stay! Have a great week!


sloan said...

great playlist here, kerri!! rhythm of love is a favorite around here, as is anything bob marley and jason mraz ... and i smiled big when i saw pass the dutchie - i think i was a teenager the last time i heard that one - great memories :)

Cherie said...

Today is National Magaurita day - Ha Ha so go ahead!!

Love your song list - Kenny Chesney is especially one of my fave's!

Stef said...

That sounds like a July in Christmas CD. I love country. You can never go wrong with country. Ever.

Cindy said...

haha...i agree with sloan!!:)
what a great and thoughtful gift. Love them all. Music is so powerful isn't it? Nothing puts me in a good mood faster then the right tunes!!:) love all of your favs. in fact im heading to youtube right now for some marley!!:)
have a happy day kerri

Kim said...

I was wondering if that's the same song. Pass the dutchie on the left hand side? Is that the one. WOW! An oldie but a goodie.

What fun songs! I love Bob Marley, R of Love, and I'm Yours too! You need to come hang out on our beach with us this summer. We play these songs. Live. With our friend on the guitar. Another on bongos. And the rest of us with little egg shakers. ARound the bonfire. You have an open invitation, my friend!

corners of my life said...

I'll take a margharita instead . . .

julia said...

Thank you for the list - cut.paste.and mailed it to myself.

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