Tuesday, July 12, 2011

More Tennis

This is my son...sweat dripping off his hair.
It's 96 degrees out there today...it feels like 106.

Brady doesn't care about the heat.
He's in a serious match with the garage.
A 5 set game to be exact.

He's been hitting against the garage now for almost 4 hours.
This morning he was at tennis camp for 3 hours.
(he ate lunch in the van on the way home.)
So, we're already at 7 hrs. today...and after dinner he will go
play with the girls highschool tennis team for a couple of hours.

I just went outside and told him he had to come in.
Isn't he sweet?!
(He's probably just trying to persuade me.)

He said he needed to finish the set.
He was up 2 games to 1.  The first set he lost in a 5-7 tie break.
(Remember, he's playing against the garage.)

I told him if he didn't come in now...he would not be
going back out this evening to play at the courts.

He decided to come in.

On another note...kind of, I've been thinking about starting a tennis blog.
I feel like I am always talking about tennis...and I don't want you all to stop visiting!
On the otherhand, tennis is an everyday part of my life.
Brady probably averages 30+ hours a week playing tennis.
I will probably keep the blog private...I don't want people to think I am gloating about my son.
There's so much I'd like to blog about...great things are happening for him.
So, not sure what I will do...the idea just popped into my head.

Hope you're staying cool today!


Cindy said...

Thanks for sharing! I love how passionate he is about tennis -- and obviously quite good at it. I, for one, say gloating is allowed! It's okay to be a proud mom! (I've caught myself bragging about my kids on my blog -- it's just natural as a mom...lol!) :)

yaya said...

Wow, he's dedicated. I know that someday you will miss the sound of that tennis ball hitting the garage...at my house it was the "thunk, thunk, smack against the rim"..of a basketball! Enjoy these days!

Susan R said...

Don't know what to say about this my friend. I think he's crossed the line into obsession now. However, there are certainly worse things he could be addicted to.
That sweet little blowing of a kiss was to say, "Bye Mom, I'm not coming in, so go away."
I remember playing in a tennis match in Palm Springs during the summer once. It was 109 degrees and even hotter on the courts. I lost that match and felt incredibly sick afterward. Just make sure he's got a lot of Gatoraid standing by, as I'm sure you do.
Add the tennis blog. Why not?

Gabe said...

My hubby would love for either of our boys to have half of Brady's drive for any sport. They tend to think they can just be good without practicing. . .doesn't happen for them.

It's hard to be a parent. . .isn't it? You just never know exactly what the right thing to do is. So, ya go with your gut. . .what's your gut telling you about Brady and tennis?

I hope you make the tennis blog public. . .I want to follow Brady's career. . .he is going to great things. . .

Jen said...

A tennis blog may be great for when he is looking at playing in college! And a neat scrapbook for him too!

I know all about the garage matches. Emily has beaten the mess out of our garage door and especially the sensor lights above the garage. We finally decided to stop replacing the broken flood lights! There is just no point!

stef said...

Kids are just that way sometimes. I love it. I love reading about his passion. I can see you wanting to do a seperate blog for him, but he is so much a part of you and it is a part of him. I love your blog. So if you go private, invite me.

Protector of Vintage said...

Only one of my kids is interested in tennis and he is just starting-out and has a lot of catching-up to do!! I spent most of my summers as a child doing nothing but playing tennis, too! I hit against the brick wall at my elementary school each afternoon after my lesson. I would love to be able to follow Brady's progress!! Take care~

Jenn said...

awww I love reading about the tennis adventures! I think a tennis blog is a great idea. You can put it into a book for when Brady is older. :)

Nicolle said...

Your house is so cute! :)

I think a separate blog would be cool, like Jen says, so that he can have that as a scrapbook one day. You know you can have your blog made into a book?! I think that would be awesome for Brady.

He is one determined and driven kid. I think he is a wonderful guy! :))

Holly said...

I love reading about Brady and his tennis... I never think its braggy! Keep blogging about what you love, I love reading!

Kris said...

Wowie, he is one devoted fella! He will be playing at Wimbledon one day!!! My son used to be like that with basketball. He lived and breathed it. Keep on posting about Brady and his tennis. I would miss it!!

Lorri said...

Look at it this way. He plays tennis a lot. But, he loves it! He has great grades. He isn't getting in to trouble. he isn't sitting inside playing video games. He is getting great exercise. And, again, he loves it! It is a healthy obsession. I love hearing about his tennis bc I know he will be famous for it one day. :). Have a great Wednesday, friend!

Barb said...

I wish my kids had such passion about something like that! I think it's great - he obviously loves it. If you do a tennis blog please invite me, I would love to see his progress. He sounds like such a great, well-rounded kid.

Genn said...

Grat pictures Kerri!
How cool that he is passionate about tennis.
I never played tennis but love to watch it.

Your house looks beautiful!

Jenny said...

He is so cute. Love his dedication. I don't know how our kids are surviving this heat, I am dying. Good idea for another blog, if would be a great way to document his growth and success.

Kim said...

Totally agree about the separate blog but ONLY b/c it would be such a great keepsake for Brady. But, please let us in.

I am sooooo impressed and amazed by his passion and drive. The ballerinas at BB's studio who are in the top performing company spend what seems like every waking moment dancing. But that's only about 20 hours/week. 30 hours blows my mind!

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Val said...

I think I see the next Roger Federer =)))

Cindy said...

ahhhh...finally I can comment (your idea worked!! you are soooo techy!!!!:) )

Wow...now that is some drive and passion! I know I have said taht before, but goodness! You really had me cracking up with the "remember he is playing the garage" comment! Please don't ever feel like you are boring us or bragging...I love reading it all. Goodness, how many times can you see pictures of Aubrey with her baby or my girls hugging!! haha Please keep the funny and passionate Brady tennis stories coming!:)
Have a happy day

Megan said...

What a cutie. He is serious about tennis, huh? My kids are going to try tennis lessons in September and I am so hoping they love it!

Kat said...

Love the idea for a tennis blog. I played a mixed doubles match last Saturday in 100 degree temps... it was brutal, totally felt like I was going to pass out at times. Ugh...

I think it is so fantastic that he loves it so much.

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