Friday, April 29, 2016


I'm going to combine February and March happenings that I want to remember....... those months are already becoming a little blurry so I better hurry up and get them documented!  

So, in no particular order.....

Except this first one...we celebrated my birthday on Feb. 1st.  I laid on the couch all day not feeling well.  So, we actually didn't do too much celebrating....we ordered subs out, I had a slice of cheesecake and I was with my two favorite guys so all is good. ;)

Brady got his brace off and got back to the tennis court.

We had a couple of snow days.

We went to watch many high school basketball games...
which meant lots of trips to McDonald's and lots of driving 
friends home after the games.

Our neighbor had a Chinese New Year party....lots of great food, a photo booth and fireworks.  We really had a fun evening.  Her party happened to be on Super Bowl evening...and I must say that my husband is such a trooper.  He dvr'd the game and watched it later that night...not once complaining.  One of the many reason I am lucky to be married to him. :)

We've been in our home almost eleven years...and we finally
have curtains in the dining room for the first time!  I think they need to be a little longer...but whatever.  We're not too picky over here.  It really does make the room feel more put together.

Hanging the curtains motivated me to put a few other things 
on the wall.  I don't make decisions very quickly or easily when it comes to decorating...but when I saw the cow print at Home Goods, I wanted it right away.  We tease Brady that we bought the picture to remind him not to "chew like a cow."

We kind of like chicken wings around here!  And I'm sad to say we ate almost all of those!

We celebrated Eric's birthday.  I made his favorite (like I do every year on his birthday) biscuits and gravy.

We had an unseasonably warm Saturday and went on a big
hike.  We found a place we had never been to before...and other than my brief panic attack over a very small was a much enjoyed afternoon.  It's amazing what some fresh air and exercise can do for ones cooped up (over the winter) spirit.

Eric began his tenth season as the high school tennis coach.
(five years with the boys and five with the girls)
He had a record high 17 guys on the team this year and so 
Brady was his assistant and helped with every practice.
Eric says that Brady does a great job and the guys all jump at the chance to work with him.  I have a feeling Brady is going to be an awesome coach one day.

Brady made me this beautiful cutting board in wood shop.
I love it so much and want to figure out how to display it in my kitchen.  Brady doesn't understand why I don't want to "use" it.  It's kind of been an ongoing disagreement...I tell him I want to keep it forever and don't want to ruin it...and he tells me he made it for me to use and that's what it's for.  

We celebrated Brady's 13th birthday.  I talked about it here.
He always looks forward to his kit kat cake!

Brady played in and won his first tournament back after being out for awhile.  He had some tough matches to get through...but he's a fighter out there.  Interestingly, when Brady played his first ever tournament five and a half years ago, this was the boy he played against and lost.  The boy was older and bigger and better...and Brady didn't win a single game.  But, Brady came off the court with a big smile on his face and wondered when he could do it all again.
This time....on this day...the outcome was a little different.

Eric and I attended Brady's conference at the middle school.
(It appears that we were the only ones there!)
It was a great conference....the teachers all said similar things- Brady's a leader and helpful to others, he learns easily and he always participates.  And then four out of the five teachers said he is a bit "social."  (And, we all know what that means!)
But, the most important thing I heard was that Brady is respectful and he comes to class everyday with a smile on his face.  That is good enough for me :)

And last but not least...we celebrated Easter.

Congrats if you made it all the way through this long post!

I need to learn to do shorter posts more often...that is the key.
I'm a work in progress!


jen said...

I think my favorite picture is that last one--Love the egg!

Kris said...

What a nice, long post! I loved it! Your Eric is a lot like my Greg. I get a kick out of that! I wonder, should I ask for Brady's autograph now, or wait til he gets to Wimbledon? Did I spell that right? He truly is a special young man. But you already know that!
I love the curtains! And the cow.

yaya said...

This was a fun post with all the updates and fun pics! You have a wonderful family! Brady is growing so fast and I wish him luck with tennis this year after having had an injury. Your dog is adorable too!

gin said...

Hi. I'm new to you. I enjoyed looking thru your blog. Looks like you had a busy fun Feb/March.

Cindy said...

Loved this update and catching up on things!! You are truly blessed with a great family!! ps I've been so terrible about blogging... I miss it, but life is busy!!!

Stef said...

Love the update. And I went years without blogging. Kudos to your for keeping up.

Jill said...

Great pictures and happy belated birthday to you both! Glad to see all is well :-)


Beverly said...

You certainly had a busy couple of months. Yes, a couple of good looking guys and the cutest dog. Enjoyed learning a little about your life. Blogging is great for journaling the important things in our lives.

Kris said...

I wanted to thank you for you kind comments on my blog. Sure means a lot to me. I will keep blogging awhile.
I know that this season of my life will give way to yet another season soon, and I will feel better. This too shall pass, as they say.inalways enjoy hearing from you!
Love Kris

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