Thursday, March 31, 2016


This handsome guy became a teenager on March 19th and I 
couldn't let the month get away from me without posting about his day...even if it is the last day of the month! Sometimes we get busy and my thinking for this blog has become better late than never! 

Brady's birthday was on a Saturday....isn't that the best day to have a birthday?!  I think so.  

I made his favorite kit kat cake like I do every year.  While I was busy working on his cake, I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude and happiness come over me.  I later told Brady that while I was making his cake I spent time praying for him and his year ahead.  A hug and an "I love you Mom" came next.   I love that boy of mine so much.

The only thing he wanted for his birthday was Steph Curry shoes.

Brady didn't want to have a party out somewhere or have friends or family over.
We tried to change his mind and gave him lots of ideas....but he wanted it to be just us.  He also didn't want to do anything other than go out for a steak dinner.  Brady is a fairly easy kid in that way...he's pretty low key and doesn't like the focus to be on him.  Sometimes this is hard for me because I only have one and I like to celebrate and make a big fuss.  Oh well...maybe next time. ;)

Eric called me from work the day before Brady's birthday with an idea.  He saw where this 80's rock band was playing downtown at a nightclub and ALL ages were welcome.  It didn't take me long to say YES, lets go!  Let me just say first that Brady loves music and is a HUGE 80's fan.  I think he knows more 80's music than I do!  Actually he knows ALL genres of music more than I do!  Anyway, I was pretty sure he would enjoy going to see this band....

And, we were right!

  I was relieved that he was excited about our plans.   

Look how tall he is!  He's almost 5'8!

So, after his steak dinner out, we headed over to the Chameleon Club.  Never in a million years did I think we would take our 13 yr old into a nightclub.  And, if you think less of me, I am sorry.  Sometimes as parents we make tough decisions....and what might be okay for one family might not be okay for another.  Brady has always been pretty mature and continues to impress us with the choices he makes for himself. we went!

This is how close we were able to be to the stage. We were obviously one of the first ones there!

The band was so FUN and we had such a good time!    We loved watching Brady sing along and he had a smile on his face the entire time.  Eric and I might not get "parents of the year" but we're okay with that.  

I have several videos from that night and I'm hoping to post at least one of them....but I will need help from my teenager.  So check back!  

And, if you grew up in the 80's like I did, you would love the Reagan Years!
They are from Maryland, but I believe they get around!


jen said...

I would totally vote this "parents of the year." Seriously so fun!

Stef said...

Wow! He is so tall…isn't it sad and exciting at the same time. Sad that their childhood is gone, but exciting because you get to share more with them as they get older. Sounds like a fun night together!

yaya said...

Happy Birthday Brady! I think you chose wisely for a fun time with your's not like you sent him to someplace unsupervised and nasty! You guys are great parents and that young man is proof...I feel like I've watched him grow up over the years on your blog and I can see he's grown into a wonderful teen...good luck this year Brady in all you do!

Kris said...

I feel like I have watched this young man grow up from a child to the exemplary young man he is today! You and Eric are parents of the year. You have guided him along brilliantly. The show was not a night club gig. It was just IN a night club.
I am so glad he got the shoes!!!
Happy, Happy Birthday Brady. I wish I knew you in person. But I shall be content to say I know you through your Mama's blog.

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