Sunday, October 5, 2014

This and That

Brady turned 11 1/2 a couple weeks ago.  We almost missed the big day...thankfully 
Eric remembered and I was able to pick up a brownie at Panera's after dinner with a friend.  I think it was close to 10pm when I got home...better late than never I guess!  Brady seemed somewhat embarrassed that we were making a fuss.  Oh least he knows he's loved. :)

Brady went to a big Barn Bash at our church Friday night with hundreds of 5th and 6th graders.
He was the lucky winner of this ridiculously large inflatable swan.  He thinks it's perfect for t.v. watching.  I think we now need a swimming pool. :)

School pictures were this week.  It's the first time in 7 years that I didn't buy them.  We usually give  5 x 7's to the grandparents and then the rest of the pictures never see the light of day.  I did buy a class picture.  I feel somewhat guilty about not getting them....although the school pictures of Brady have never been spectacular.  I quick snapped this one on picture day before we left for school.  I'm no photographer but....this smile is more natural than any school picture we've ever purchased.

Speaking of photographers....we had our first family photo session (ever) scheduled one day last month in the park.  I just needed one good family picture for something we're working on.  I was pretty excited about it since we've never had one taken before.  I wanted something fun....not formal.
Anyway....we waited and waited at the park and the photographer never showed up.  As we were leaving a lady walked over and asked us if we wanted her to quick take a picture.  Her kindness (and my frustration) made me a little teary.  She said she had seen how long we were waiting and figured we had been stood up.  Yep, we were.  I never contacted the photographer and she never contacted us.  Weird.  And disappointing.

Even though this picture is blurry and exactly what I didn't still makes me smile.
I am blessed.  Hopefully soon we can try this again...with a different photographer.

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